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Kitten/Young (under 11 months)  $125    
Adult (12 months and older)  $100    
+Spay/Neuter Deposit:  This fee is collected  for unspayed/unneutered cats then refunded once the rescue receives documentation that the adopted animals has been spayed or neutered.  $50    
*Exotic Cat/Kitten:  Has the markings or physical features of an exotic breed such as Siamese, Himalyan, or Persian.  Prices vary on individual basis     
**Special Needs AnimalHas physical or behavioral issues which may need special or continuing care in the present or near future.  Prices vary on individual basis  "  


General Adoption Applicant Criteria for Cats 

Please remember that although our volunteers work with applicants to find a pet suitable to their situation, our primary concern is to find the best home possible for the FOSTER ANIMAL, i.e. we are NOT adopting a cat to the first person who applies. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis and based on our criteria, experience, and knowledge of our foster animals, we use our judgment to choose the best fit for a particular cat from among multiple applications and reserve our right to decline any application. 

These rules then are from our experience in placing pets in the best life-long homes.




  1. Applicants must consent to and pass a background check conducted by Treetops staff.
  2. Applicants must be at least 21 years old. All applicants are required to have a guardianship plan or a co-applicant.
  3. Applicants who have owned pets in the past 10 years must provide a current veterinarian’s phone number and give permission for a Treetops representative to review records with that vet. All current and previous pets must show a consistent record of well-visits and vaccinations. Rabies is required by law for all domestic pets, including indoor cats. Distemper is also required to be kept up to date for the safety of other pets in the home. Inconsistent vetting history (refusal to vaccinate, years between well-visits, refusal to treat chronic illness as recommended by a vet) will result in denial of the application. Applicants who have never owned personal pets will be approved based on personal references and quality of their application.
  4. Our preferential adoption area is within a 1-hour drive from the Southern Chester County Area, but we do accept applications within a 2-hour drive.
  5. Kittens under the age of 6 months are to be adopted in pairs or to a home with other cats. Due to the amount of care and supervision tiny kittens need, we do not adopt young kittens to homes with young children or those without cat-owning experience. Most of our adults are 2 years old or younger and would make great pets for families or first-time owners!

Our multi-step process ensures that our cats are placed in an appropriate forever home – a suitable match for each family and an environment in which the animal can thrive and grow. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis. Please take your time filling out our application and answer questions honestly and completely. Failure to provide information, providing false information, or failing a vet check will result in denial.


 If you, the applicant, are not able to adopt until after some future date due to planned trips, family or work obligations, etc, then the process will halt at this point and resume after you are ready and able to bring a new animal home.  We cannot "hold" an animal for you when there are usually other applicants interested and ready to adopt now and other animals waiting in shelters to be saved as soon as we have room. 



After being approved, Treetops staff will send you an email informing you about your next steps. Typically, this means making a reservation to visit and completing the adoption.


All applicants are asked to pay their reservation fee to visit and adopt.


Approved applicants must bring a carrier to take their new pet home in. Treetops will provide you with all vet records for your new cat and it is the adopter’s responsibility to follow through on any unfinished veterinary care like booster vaccines. As age-appropriate, all cats are given at least one FVRCP booster and their rabies vaccine. FVRCP boosters are given 2-4 weeks apart, meaning your new cat may need vaccines within a month of adopting.


We do not hold or board cats. Adoptions are completed within 3 days of approval.


*Guardianship plans are required for all adopters. As 2020 has taught us, life can be unpredictable. To ensure your new family member will always have a safe and loving home, we may ask you to provide a co-applicant or a written plan of action should your pet need emergency placement in the event of illness, death, or relocation. Treetops is a small, private rescue always struggling to exist. In the case you need to re-home your cat, you must have a plan other than returning the cat to us. We do accept returns under strict conditions and will continue to do so as long as our rescue is in existence.


 All animals receive necessary age-appropriate veterinary treatment, including:  

  • Treatment, and preventatives for tick and flea born illnesses, intestinal worms 
  • Vaccinations for Rabies & FVRCP, testing for FeLV/FIV
  • Spaying and Neutering

Young kittens may need further vetting for vaccines, spay/neuter, or mild respiratory illnesses after adoption. Treetops does not guarantee the health of any cat.