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Tree Tops Animal Rescue / Treetops Kitty Cafe
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 TreeTops Animal Rescue was established in Chester County in 2006.  We are a PA licensed non-profit rescue network of foster homes with federal 501(c)(3) tax deductible status.


Board: President Laurellen Treisner, Vice President Maureen Zdunn, Kitty Café Manager Holly Yeatman, Members Megan McFarland, Roberta Eldridge, Rachel Ward, James Beach, Elizabeth Rotunno, and Faye Maye.



2018 Treetops Rescue Animal Statistics:


Animals in Rescue:     Total 200 cats in 2018:24 from 2017 foster care + 176 intake during 2018

Outcomes: 169 cat adoptions (including 6 barn homes), 8 deceased, 1 reclaimed, 22 still in foster care

  • Kittens (less than 1 year): 128
    • 107 adoptions, 1 barn home adoption, 8 deceased, 12 still in foster care
  • Adult Cats (less than 6 years): 70
    • 54 home adoptions, 5 barn home placements, 1 reclaimed, 10 still in foster care,
  • Senior Cats (6 years and up): 2
    • 2 adoptions


Total Adoptions from Treetops Animal Rescue  2006-2018   


  • 1983 animals = 1048 cats, 899 dogs, and 46 other animals. 


  • In addition, hundreds of other pets have found homes through our courtesy listings and our rescue associate networking.  





2018    FINANCES


Treetops Rescue & Kitty Cafe






Adoption Fees


Fundraising: Sponsorships, Grants, Donations


Kitty Café Attendance: Entries, Passes, Special Events


Kitty Café Retail Sales Profit






Rescue & Kitty Café Administration


Cat Care: food, supplies, veterinary, shelter fees


Café Operations: supplies, rent, utilities, payroll


Promotion & Fundraising




Net Profit/Loss




2018 End of Year Summary


In 2018, we were successful in continuing to increase the number of cats rescued and adopted, averaging about 14 adoptions per month.  We have been welcomed and supported by the people and businesses of our community.   However, it’s well known that the first year of a business is always a struggle, with most losing money for several years, and for a non-profit with limited resources this has been especially challenging.   


Although we were busy when we opened in August 2017, during the school year and especially the winter months, attendance and sales were low.  Our first fundraiser, the Catstravaganza, was held in April with music, food, and raffle items, and although it was enjoyed by all who attended, it did not bring in near the amount we had hoped and by midyear, the Treetops Rescue bank account was almost empty.  Luckily we had hired a full time manager Holly Yeatman in spring and selected a Board which met to address the problems.  We raised prices and expanded our merchandise to bringing in more revenue, worked to reduce costs, offered more special events, held social media donation drives in July & November and a Kitty Cat Stroll during our Anniversary celebration, and applied for grants whenever possible.  Although, as shown above, Treetops still ran a deficit for the year, by December the Board agreed that the Kitty Café was operating on a more stable footing then we had been 6 months earlier and we are optimistic moving forward.   


For 2019, it is clear that increasing the Café Revenue and raising donations will be essential for our long-term success.  We are working to increase attendance during the winter & spring months that were so sparse last year, continuing to seek out grants, and working on what we hope will be a more successful spring fundraiser.  And as always, we depend heavily on our volunteers, who assist with cat care at the Café, foster cats in their homes, serve on the fundraiser committee, and support us with their donations and by spreading the word.